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Malaysia is one of the most politically stable countries in the world, and it offers a very organic and beautiful lifestyle. Straddling the South China Sea and home to an array of cultures, diverse geography, and a futuristic capital city, Malaysia is a truly unique country, in both its landscapes and its citizens.

When you choose to study in Malaysia, you will discover that the country's natural beauty extends way beyond its ancient rainforests, national parks, and glorious beaches. In the cities too, there's plenty to keep all the senses occupied, from colorful and varied markets to the mosques, Buddhist temples, and Hindu shrines that are often found side by side, and the profusion of annual festivals celebrating both traditional and modern aspects of Malaysian culture.

The highest-ranked universities are found in Malaysia along with the most vibrant and urban areas. Malaysia is home to several top international and national universities intending to expand higher education in the Country. Branches that are currently existing in the country are 'University of Nottingham, UK' and 'Monash University, Australia'.

While the growth of the overseas universities in Malaysia, one cannot overlook the homegrown universities which aim to expand the idea of higher education in Malaysia. Malaysia's higher education system was ranked 25th in the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings in 2018, reflecting the strength of its flagship universities.


Here are the Top Universities of Malaysia:


University Malaya (UM)

University Malaya is one of the oldest and highest-ranked universities in Malaysia. It is ranked 59th in the QS World University Rankings 2021 and is based in central Kuala Lumpur. With a student population of around 21,050, including over 2,900 international postgraduate students. UM has been growing steadily its multidisciplinary reputation appearing in Global rankings.

University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

The university is located in Bangai, Selangor approximately 35 km south of Kuala Lumpur city. Hosting a student community of almost 27,000, the school boasts particularly strong programs in the fields of education, politics, engineering, law, and mathematics. The University Kebangsaan Malaysia also has a graduate school on its main campus and a medical school located in the suburb of Cheras, with a branch campus within the capital.

University Putra Malaysia

UPM is recognized by the independent government assessments as one of Malaysia's leading research Universities. Founded in 1931 as the School of Agriculture, the University today combines impressive modern facilities and a dynamic approach to teaching and research with its proud heritage of quality services and achievements. It offers both graduate and post-graduate degrees.

University Sains Malaysia

The university is situated in Kuala Lumpur city and is one of the most ranked universities in Malaysia. Its main thrust in the development of higher education is in the fields of Natural Sciences, Applied Sciences, Medical and Health Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Building Sciences & Technology, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Education. It also offers both graduate and undergraduate degrees.

University of Technology, Malaysia

UTM is one of the most preferred Engineering universities in Malaysia. The student community of the university consists of many national and international students from across the world. It is also one of the most student-recommended universities with an overall rating of 4.5.

There are other universities as well, but the above list is the most preferred university of Malaysia.

Cost-effective study in Malaysia

Why International students choose Malaysia for higher education is because of the cost-effectiveness of the Country. As an example, you can acquire a UK engineering degree (3 years) in Malaysia through a 3+0 foreign university franchised degree program at an estimated RM68,000 (US$17,000), whereas the tuition fee of the same 3-year degree program at the host university in the UK is about £36,000 (or RM217,000 or US$54,250). As such, a student can save up to RM149, 000 (US$37,250) in tuition fees if he or she chooses to study in Malaysia. If the cost of living is taken into account, students who complete their entire 3+0 degree in Malaysia can save up to an estimated RM216,000 (US$54,000), according to the sources.

The city of Kuala Lumpur which locates almost all of the top universities is ranked as the most affordable city with a very low cost of living.

International students have to pay both academic and non-academic fees which include Registration fees, Tuition fees, student visa fees, health check-ups, deposits, etc.

Engineering Degree in Malaysia.


Tuition fees (for international Students)

RM68, 000 per course for a Duration of 3 years

Basic living expenses RM54,000 for 3 years
Other cost RM15, 000
Total tuition fees and living expenses for 3 years

Approx. RM140, 000


Estimated savings for 3+0 degree programmer

RM184, 000 (US$46,000)

Estimated Tuition Fees per Course for a home-grown Bachelor's Degree at Malaysian Private Universities:


Cost As per the Areas of Study

Areas of Study Estimated Tuition Fee Duration Of Study

RM29, 000–54,000

(Average cost: RM40, 000 or US$10,000)

3 years

RM30, 000–75,000

(Average cost: RM60, 000 or US$15,000)

4 years

RM30, 000–55,000

(Average cost: RM45, 000 or US$11,250)

3 years
Hospitality & Tourism

RM30, 000–65,000

(Average cost: RM45, 000 or US$7,500-16,250)

3 years

RM255, 000–450,000

(Average cost: RM320, 000 or US$80,000)

5 years

RM115, 000–185,000

(Average cost: RM120, 000 or US$30,000)

4 years


Applying for Student Visa in Malaysia:

  1. · Student visa application form completed and signed by the applicant
  2. · Offer letter from the chosen educational institution approved by the pass & permit division in the Immigration Headquarters of Malaysia
  3. · Two passports sized photographs
  4. · Two photocopies of your Passport
  5. · Academic transcript(s) of records
  6. · Proof of full-time course of study approved by the Minister of Home Affairs
  7. · Proof of financial capability to meet course and other expenses
  8. · Health certificate
  9. · Evidence of security and personal bond
  10. · Students have to show their approval letters upon arrival.

Scholarship for International Students in Malaysia

Be aware and respect your deadlines, there are a lot of universities that keep on repeating their scholarships annually. Let me clarify that the stereotypical opinion about scholarships is not true. Though, it gets easy and safe for students who are both in need and qualify the merit. There are a few steps and documents that need to be in place for a scholarship.

  • § Transcript of exam results, e.g. SPM, STPM, O levels, IGCSE, etc.
  • § Certificates and testimonials of your participation in extra-curricular activities
  • § Parents' financial information, e.g. tax return forms, salary slips, etc.
  • § Personal statement and/or essay
  • § One or more letters of recommendation
  • § Proof of eligibility for the scholarship (e.g., for a sports scholarship, proof of participation at a state or national level)


Malaysia is one of the best-known and affordable countries to pursue higher education. If you have not enrolled until now. Don't worry we are here to help you. Get in Touch with us and get admitted to your most preferred University.


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Ans: Malaysia is one of the most politically stable countries in the world, and it offers a very organic and beautiful lifestyle. Straddling the South China Sea and home to an array of cultures, diverse geography, and a futuristic capital city, Malaysia is a truly unique country, in both its landscapes and its citizens. view more..

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